Hung Syllable surrounded by Vajra Guru Mantra.

Affiliate Organizations

Through its activities, the Mahakaruna Foundation works to assist the old, sick, undernourished and undereducated peoples of Buddhist Asia, and to help preserve the ancient Buddhist heritage and culture of Tibet.

Padmasambhava Peace Institute’s mission is to provide a beautiful dedicated retreat space for all those seeking to learn and practice ways of peace, sustainable use of resources, and social and environmental justice. The Tibetan Buddhist center Chagdud Gonpa Ati Ling and the charity Mahakaruna Foundation are both based at PPI.

Established under the guidance of  Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, Iron Knot Ranch is a developing retreat center founded on the belief that the true nature of all living beings is inherently pure, wise and compassionate and that it is only a pervasive but superficial confusion that prevents us from knowing this to be so. With this in mind, the work and spiritual practice of Iron Knot Ranch is dedicated to the discovery of this truth in ourselves and others.

The Bodhisattva Peace Institute offers trainings for those who wish to effect positive change in their lives and the lives of others. The trainings make accessible to people of all religions and walks of life the profound methods of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition for awakening wisdom and compassion.

Chagdud Gonpa Foundation's publishing arm,  devoted to translating Buddhist liturgies as well as producing books in Tibetan Buddhist studies.

A donation ensures that young people associated with Tromge Monastery in the Tromtar Valley of Tibet can receive a traditional Buddhist education with all the support and blessings of the lamas and the lineage. Your contribution will directly help the Buddhadharma to grow in a whole new generation. The merit is potentially limitless.

Ari Bhöd’s mission is to preserve and transmit the priceless legacy of the ancient Tibetan Nyingma lineage tradition, a sacred culture of peace that has been kept vital and effective through more than fifty generations of lifelong practitioners and lineage masters.  Ari Bhöd’s retreat center, Pema Drawa, is located on 475 acres in the peaceful mountains of Tehachapi, California.

The Shi-tro Mandala depicts the sacred mansion of the enlightened beings of the One Hundred Buddha Families (“Shi-tro” in Tibetan), which are the expressions of enlightened qualities, such as compassion and altruism, within us all.    The Shi-tro Mandala is the most intricately detailed three-dimensional Tibetan Mandala ever constructed outside of India and Asia.