Hung Syllable surrounded by Vajra Guru Mantra.

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CGF Priority Categories

Fire burning the forest floor at Chagdud Gonpa Rigdzin Ling.

Rigdzin Ling Restoration & Renewal Fund

The Restoration Committee is dedicated to planning, funding, and organizing efforts to nurture and renew Rigdzin Ling immediately and for the next 100 years. We invite you to join and offer your donations.

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Chagdud Yangsi with a red coat, smiling during meditation practice.

Tulku Training Fund

We, who have been blessed by Rinpoche’s lineage, are at an important juncture with far reaching possibilities. The cost for this extensive and precious education, which ensures that this lineage continues, is now our responsibility, both for our present Chagdud Yangsi as well as his future incarnations.

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Various Chagdud Gonpa Lamas during meditation practice.

Lama Support

Support the Dharma activities of various Chagdud Gonpa Lamas.

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